Company Overview  /  History

February, 2005
We established a patient recruitment company for clinical trials, Clinical Trial Limited Company.
Sho Ando(the founder) started the business with three people including Hirotaka Takizawa (the current representative directer) at a tiny rental space in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
We released our mobile site for clinical trial information called “e chiken mobile”.
We started patient recruitment services specialized for clinical trial’s Phase 1 and BE tests.
August, 2005
We released a website to inform the public about clinical trials, called “U”.
Started patient recruitments specialized in clinical trials about Phase II, Phase III, healthy food, and cosmetics.
December, 2005
We reached over 1 hundred registered members.
June, 2006
We renewed the mobile site, changing it from “e Chiken Mobile” to “Seikatsu-kojo Mobile”.
We started listing recruitment information beyond clinical trial on the site to become a life monitor.
August, 2006
We increased our capital up to 1,500 million yen and registered as a limited company.
We started a new service providing medical information in addition to our patient recruitment service.
February, 2007
We started a health salon business.
We opened a multi-purpose booth to provide various information surrounding health care.
June, 2007
We hosted a Ms. Seikatsu-kojo Grand Prix.
March, 2008
We renewed our recruitment website renaming it from “U” to “Seikatsu-kojo WEB”.
March, 2009
Sho Ando (the founder) establised a company, CROee, CRO specialized for recruitment (Contract Research Organization). (
April, 2009
Hirotaka Takizawa took over as the president of Clinical Trial
May, 2009
We reached over 17000 registered members.
June, 2009
We acquired both Personal Information Protection Policy(P Mark) and Information Security Management System(ISMS) certifications at the same time, a first for a patient recruitment company.
June, 2009
We became a member of SMONA, Strategic Management and Operation Network Association for Clinical Studies (
June, 2009
We established a support company in our group called CTEX Co.,Ltd., specializing in clinical trials for health food.
March, 2010
We opened a branch in Osaka, Western Japan.
March, 2010
We established a business alliance with Tokyo Center Clinic(TTC), a specialised Clinical Trial clinic (
November, 2011
We opened a branch office in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
April, 2012
We reached over 350,000 registered members.
February, 2013
We reached over 400,000 registered members.
August, 2013
We reached over 450,000 registered members.
January, 2014
We merged our Sales Division with Croee Incorporated. (
February, 2014
We opened our Fukuoka Office, and began our expansion in Hokkaido.
April, 2014
We reached over 500,000 registered members.