Company Overview  /  Corporate Philosophy

Here at Clinical Trial, we provide services to improve the quality of life for our users and employees through clinical trials, however, our mission is to improve the health of not only people we are directly related to, but also people all around the world through clinical trials. We think that health is defined by people’s mental and physical condition and the world where we live is well-cared for economically and environmentally. Based on this definition, we will strive to achieve our mission and have an impact on people’s health all around the world.
1.To have fun
First of all, we recommend employees to enjoy work and life. Once we step into society, it is inevitable to devote most of our time to work. If people do not enjoy working, they will have a hard time. People do not just have fun all day every day, but need to find ways to enjoy their lives. Clinical Trial strives to create a work environment for employees to enjoy every day.
2.To become passionate
People have the most fun when they are crazy about something. Therefore, we think that finding things that they can be crazy about in work and life is the most important element for enjoying life. Clinical Trial strives to provide high-quality services that employees can get crazy about.
3.Something to devote yourself to
People tend to think that life will be wonderful after they found something that they think they can devote their life to. It becomes their motivation to work when they have found something in their work to spend all of their life doing. Clinical Trial strives to support employees to find something that they can devote their life to.
4.Take an interest in the people around you
Every society consists of organizations. People cannot live alone in an organization like they could not be born into the world alone. Clinical Trial encourages employees to appreciate and respect those who are related to you such as members, clients, collegues, family, and friends.
5.Contribute to the enviroment everyone has helped to create
It is impossible to accomplish these mottos by oneself. With coorperation from many people, achieving our mottos becomes possible. We think that selfish thoughts in society will only fray relations. People connect because they can rely on and understand each other, so we cannot talk about other behind each other’s backs. Just as we receive from others, Clinical Trial encourages employees to give something beneficial to others.