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Media Related Services

○ Website Management

Clinical Trial’s administrated Seikatsu-Kojo WEB ( contains information about clinical trials and health care information. As of August, 2013, we have more than 450,000 members registered with our website. We include content not only for clinical trials but various promotions, here at Clinial Trial we provide high quality services that are not available elsewhere.

○ Health Care Marketing Research

Our Seikatsu-Kojo website presents relevant information to members tailored to them based on marketing research. Clinical Trial also does market research regarding clinical trial volunteer recruitment, special diseased section research and health event area research. For special cases, based on customers request, we also conduct specialised research to meet the necessary conditions.

Media Promotion Case Study

Here are examples of WEB recruitment advertising that our creative team was in charge of. Only Clinical Trial can provide a total service of industry-leading promotion, creating specialised WEB promotions for each disease with a natural flow up to screening while ensuring that the volunteers are kept well informed.

Home allergies

Volunteer recruitment surrounding free home allergy tests, focusing on common sources of allergies found around the home.

Clinical trials that healthy people can participate in

A volunteer recruitment site for healthy people mainly from the Kanto area.

After effects of injuries to the hand or fingers

Specialised volunteer recruitment site for a machine designed to treat the discomfort remaining after injuries of hand and fingers.

For those concerned about their sinuses

For the one trial, sister sites depicting different symptoms can perform recruitment simultaneously.

Know your family history, “Diabetes”

Telling the story of the Shitoko family, readers are encouraged to consider whether they have a high risks of diabetes and should consider enrolling in a relevant clinical trial.

Metabolism emergency inspection is being held!

Feature-packed, test based recruitment site combines metabolic level check with volunteer recruitment.

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