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Tokyo Office relocation.

In line with our expansion plans here at Clinical Trial Co.,Ltd, we have relocated our Tokyo Office to the address below.

This move presents us all, employees & stockholders alike, with an opportunity which we will all work hard to live up to.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

Our New Location
Ikebukuro YS Biru 2
1-13-23 Minami Ikebukuro Toshima-ku,
Tokyo 171-0022 Japan

Open for business
16th of September, 2014



Our Fukuoka branch is open for business.

At this point Clinical Trial Co.,Ltd. with our head office in Tokyo & branches in Osaka and Hokkaido, are proud to announce further expansion. Two years have passed since we opened our Hokkaido branch, now our company grows to include a new branch.

The benefits of this is to provide our recruitment services to volunteers in the area actively, thus expanding our database & fulfilling the needs of the volunteers, resulting in more successful introduction to clinical trials.

The research shows that in the Kyushu Area we can expect to recruit volunteers related to the following areas; Osteoporosis, Lumbago, Orthopedics, Acne, Atopic Dermatitis & other skin related issues.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

CROèe Group's new, integrated point of contact.

As of 2014, Clinical Trial Co.,Ltd.’s sales department will be merged into CROèe Incorporated ( sales department. With multiple cases of clinical trial data’s authenticity problems occurring last year, we, as a part of the clinical research industry, made this decision so that we can continue to strive to provide good quality services and to receive recognition in the industry.

From 2009, CROèe, as a CRO, has been providing expertise services for more than 50 Pharmaceutical Companies in Clinical Trials. We are now finalizing our agreements and will soon become part of the CROèe group. With this move CROèe will take on Clinical Trial Co.,Ltd.’s sales duties in conformance with SOP practices in order to provide the most reliable services of the highest quality.
As we finalize the agreements with CROèe group, we would like to take this opportunity to appologize for any inconveniences that may be cause by this move, and would like to assure you that you can rely on our sales representatives to help you through any difficulties.

Corporate Website Renewel

We are happy to inform you of the renewal of our Corporate Website (

Seikatsu-kojo Web advertisment posted in the Asahi newspaper.

Today, in the Asahi Newspaper, our Seikatsu-kojo Website has posted an advertisment of it’s sister site (

Logo renewed

We are proud to present Clinical Trial’s new logo for our Seikatsu-kojo Website.

Is bed wetting a disease? Find out earlier and get treatment

Clinical Trial is doing a campaign on bed wetting and a survey is being carried out.

Relationship between cancer and sexual intercourse.

Appropriate pregnancy and cancer prevention. A survey is being conducted on Seikatsu-Kojo’s 230,000 members about HPV and sexual relationships.

More than 50% of people doing in-house nursing have depression

Out of 230,000 people on seikatsu-kojo website age between 10 and 90, a survey was conducted and 50% and above reported having depression. On top of that, 50 % of the people did not go to the hospital for treatment of their depression.

Does one economic depression in 100 years dampens job seekers? Bad job market causing increasing depression

A survey was conducted on Seikatsu-Kojo on members between 10 and 90 years old graduating in 2010. 40% of new graduates say that they got depression due to the bad job market.

Clinical Trial: Clinical trial volunteers recruitment business first to get both Privacy Mark and ISO 27001(ISMS)

Clinical Trial obtained Privacy Mark and Information Security Management System Certificate at the same time.

Are clinical trials good or bad?

Seikatsu-Kojo Web conducts “Knowledge about clinical trial” survey. About half of the people said that they are afraid of side effects. About half of the people who want to join clinical trials said that the main reason is the payment.

70% of people feel that the new strain influenza is over exaggerated

According to a survey regarding the new strain influenza, 70% of the people feel that it is exaggerated. The result is not different compared to the rest of the world.

About health conscious people, more than 50% use suppliments and health products

A survey for health conscious members was conducted where more than 50% of them use suppliments and health products on a regular basis

About half of the people buy presents for their mothers on Mothers Day in Japan!

Clinical Trial and Orchid Style together conducted a survey on Seikatsu-Kojo about Mothers Day presents.

Problems faced by outsourced employees when they are fired and responsibilities of the former employeer

Results from a survey were that outsourced employees feel more physically tired and managers of the outsourced employees feel more mentally stressed.

If you found out that you have the HIV virus, who should you contact?

Seikatsu-Kojo members paticipated in a HIV/AIDS awareness survey. Results showed that 80% of the people would not tell their other half if they have the HIV virus.

Six girls talked about their online auction experiences

Six girls talked about online auctioning. All you need to know about online auction blogs opens.

South Ikebukuro Health Information Station "Seikatsu-Kojo Salon" reopens

Health care, cosmetics, culture, seminars about clinical trials and information about the reopening of Seikatsu-Kojo salon.

Clinical Trial presents on Seikatu-K

Clinical Trial volunteers are able to use auction search functions.

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