Company Overview  /  CEO’s Message

Clinical trials are a necessary process for the advancement of medicine. With new medicines released in the market everyday, more effective medicines for diseases that were once incurable are saving more and more lives.
Japan’s clinical trial process is slower as compared to the rest of the world.
In other words, people who are troubled by a disease which is curable overseas are not able to get treated here.
One of the biggest reasons is the shortage of volunteers. One of the many reasons for that is that in Japan, there is not much awareness of Clinical trials and is processes.
Also, the country’s insurance policy covers much of the cost of the treatment resulting in many people choosing treatment instead of Clinical trials.
We at Clinical Trial have made it our goal to explain correctly the process of clinical trials to the people, and with better understanding, we are all able to contribute to the health and medical field and help in it’s advancement.
From a small rental office space with 3 employees, Clinical Trial have expanded into a company of over 200 employees.
To the employees who have been supporting this company, their families, and also the people who have been supporting the services of our company, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will continue to provide everyone with new and better health related services and we hope for your continued support.