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Clinical Trial Support Services

○ Clinical Trial Volunteer Recruitment Promotion

For medicines to be introduced to the market earlier, it is important for the development to be finished earlier. Clinical Trial having been in the industry for many years, uses the information we have gathered about volunteers & those that would become volunteers.

Clinical Trial owns a patient recruitment website, Seikatsu-kojo WEB, which not only contains information about patient recruitment for clinical trials, health food, cosmetics but also endorsements of participants in clinical trials and part-time work in the medical field. We proud to say the number of members exceeded 450,000 members as of August 2013.

○ Clinical Trial Support Services

Smooth operations and high accuracy are necessary for the strict guidelines imposed by clinical trials. Here at Clinical Trial our call center operators are trained to respond to prospective volunteers’ questions, doubts or any enquiries accurately according to the particular clinical trial’s criteria. You may rely on our professionally trained, specialised clinical trial call staff to reach out to your future volunteers on your behalf.

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