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Is bed wetting a disease? Find out earlier and get treatment

Clinical Trial is doing a campaign on bed wetting and a survey is being carried out.

Relationship between cancer and sexual intercourse.

Appropriate pregnancy and cancer prevention. A survey is being conducted on Seikatsu-Kojo’s 230,000 members about HPV and sexual relationships.

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More than 50% of people doing in-house nursing have depression

Out of 230,000 people on seikatsu-kojo website age between 10 and 90, a survey was conducted and 50% and above reported having depression. On top of that, 50 % of the people did not go to the hospital for treatment of their depression.

Does one economic depression in 100 years dampens job seekers? Bad job market causing increasing depression

A survey was conducted on Seikatsu-Kojo on members between 10 and 90 years old graduating in 2010. 40% of new graduates say that they got depression due to the bad job market.

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